Review of the Winch Pumper Truck Design

This pumper truck style is arguably the most popular among the Pumper Trucks range, read here to know why. On this truck, the operator will utilize a deck mounted winch located about half way below the truck. This incorporates a hundred foot cable located on the drum to pull the tank from the ground past the live roll behind and above the top of the pumper truck. The operator then ties the tank down safely for transportation. The Pumper Truck design takes after the oilfield winch pumper truck or bed truck. This arrangement has excellent flexibility and maneuverability for field work.

In comparison to the normal units, the pumper truck has great weight balance and is simple to operate onto lease and onto position.
The Winch Pumper Truck Design is very adjustable and forgiving on environmental conditions and alignment compared to other units. This permits the operator to move the truck and tank into position in little time and having little requirement for precision. You can go online to get more advantages of the pumper truck. The disadvantage of the winch design is when the winch malfunctions, they are unreliable and hazardous. This design also depends on a contact point with the winch and there isn’t an ability to halt the pumper truck’s tank from slipping sideways. This may be an issue when frost is on the truck’s deck and the pumper is on top of a hill. This is mostly important on a winch pumper truck because there is restricted contact with the truck and tank during different phases of loading. Finally, there are security issues with parts around the winch and truck during loading.

With the Winch design, the operator is forced to get near to and possibly below the belly of the pumper truck’s tank so as to tie it for transit. Visit this website, for further information.