Important Information About Truck Bumpers To Know!

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Many people own trucks these days and never know the history behind the use of bumpers on their truck, because trucks didn't start out with protective bumpers on either the front or rear of the truck.

So let's learn a bit about bumper history!

What is a Truck Bumper?

A truck bumper is a structure attached to front and rear of a vehicle or truck and was invented by a British mechanical engineer Frederick Richard Simms in 1901.

Initially, the bumper was designed mainly for cars; however, in 1967 the NHTSA required the placement of a rear bumper on trucks after the death of Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield in a motor vehicle/truck accident.

The bumper is usually made of a plastic mold which consists of a steel re-enforcement bar underneath; however, all bumpers are not designed the same as trucks come in various shapes and sizes, so each bumper is designed to fit the shape of the truck.

What is the Purpose of a Truck Bumper?

The main purpose of front and rear bumpers is to absorb the energy of a low collision impact; high collision impacts have their own issues.

Yet the purpose of a truck bumper is not only to absorb energy in a low collision impact; they are also designed to prevent underride collisions with smaller vehicles.

Truck bumpers especially for large scale trucks require the bumpers to be at least 22 inches from the ground.

Regular Maintenance

After 1967, when it became a requirement for trucks to have both front and rear bumpers, there was no regulation for the maintenance of these bumpers, especially after the bumper was damaged.

In 1996, regulations were placed for regular maintenance of the truck bumper and more recently updated in 2015.

In Summary

If you are a truck owner, it is crucial to be certain that your front and rear truck bumpers are regularly maintained and replaced if required.

If the truck bumpers are not maintained, this can cause a safety hazard in particular for underride accidents which do occur at the rate of 500 people dying due underride collisions annually in the United States.

Protect Your Truck with Truck Bumpers

Whether it is for business or pleasure, it is always exciting to look for new truck bumpers, ones that will be a better job of protecting your truck than your current OEM bumper can and at the same time, make your truck look really great.

Why Are Bumpers Replaced?

Occasionally, truck owners might need to find replacement truck bumpers in the following circumstances:

  • You've been involved in a recent car accident.
  • Improve the way it performs and its efficiency.
  • Enhance the overall value and use of your truck.
  • Steel bumpers better shield your truck's front and give you a foundation for additional functionality and customization.
  • Further enhance the visual appeal of your truck.

What Makes For A Good Truck Bumper?

Truck bumpers are produced using 11-gauge steel, giving them quality and unbending nature that won't easily be dented and damaged. Powder coated steel bumpers will stand up to almost all types of damage as well as wear and tear.

Furthermore, steel bumpers are not like delicate plastic bumper that break up like eggs shells, harming lights and different parts of the front of the truck.

When you have a heavy duty truck and are looking for a bumper that matches your truck's overwhelming needs, you must find a bumper that is useful, super-sturdy, and adaptable.

Replacement bumpers can be more expensive; however, you will be happier in the long run because a new steel bumper will last longer and look better for an extended period of time.

Be sure to explore all your options by shopping online to see all the many replacement bumpers that are being sold from internet suppliers so you know you're buying the best bumper for your money.

Enjoy your new replacement steel bumper -  you can always later add lights, winches and tow hooks, there are tons of choices!

Rear Bumper Lips – Decorative Defender, truck bumpers

A rear bumper lip is a piece of equipment attached to the rear of a vehicle, with the purpose of safeguarding the vehicle and people inside from being hurt when a car accident takes place. It works on the principle of absorbing the shock of the crash. It adopts special material like ABS plastic, poly-urethane plastic, fiber reinforced plastic or carbon fiber due to its durability. vengeance front bumper


If this equipment of your vehicle goes wrong, be sure to replace it with a brand new one as quickly as you can. Its protection ability will guarantee a safe driving for you. In order to add extra protection for your vehicle, you can choose a rugged bull bar on the aftermarket. A bull bar is also called grille guard, because this removable device is designed to safeguard the vehicle and people inside, too.  black steel elite front bumper


The strong tubing device is attached to the front of a vehicle especially a truck and an SUV. Apart from performing the safeguarding task when the vehicle hits anything on the road, the bull bar also changes the overall look of the vehicle. It creates a robust, sporty and strong look for the vehicle. It is really a nice exterior accessory of the vehicle. Apart from performing the safeguarding task when the vehicle hits anything on the road, the bull bar also changes the overall look of the vehicle. It creates a robust, sporty and strong look for the vehicle. It is really a nice exterior accessory of the vehicle. premium front bumper


Automotive aftermarket provides car users with all kinds of bull bars. No matter what your car model is, you are sure to find the one that is made for your specific car. Installation of this kind of device is not very difficult. In most cases, only a few screws and nut are enough to help you install this item. black steel front bumper

How to Go About Purchasing Truck Accessories?, truck bumpers

There’re several things you should keep in mind before buying your truck accessories. In general, such accessories are attached to improve the appearance of the truck and to provide some additional features. There are a lot of accessories available in the market that can be classified as outside and inside. Each accessory of the truck has its unique task and function. vengeance front bumper


Among the most popular exterior accessories include bumpers, emblems, Nerf- and step bars, bell ornaments, racks, fender flares, trailers, fifth wheel and gooseneck couplings, mirrors, spoilers, tool boxes and much more. Among the items for the interior, the bedding of the trucks, the covers of the trucks and the covers are the most sought-after accessories. Other interiors include floor mats, steering wheel covers, panels, decorative covers, consoles, etc. More comfort, a clean interior and a completely new look of the interiors are just some of the benefits derived from the purchase of these accessories. black steel elite front bumper


If you are thinking about buying some accessories, there are many possibilities of confusion, what you buy and what you should not buy. The best method to approach this situation is to think first about the accessories you need and the purpose of looking for them. A little research will always be beneficial before you start your shopping list. black steel front bumper


You can buy accessories to increase comfort or improve the appearance of your truck. So keep your requirements in mind before making a list of the things you want to buy. First buy some accessories, then back off and look at your requirements again. It is always better to have a full look instead of going overboard and then back on track. black steel accesories


You can also consider buying these accessories for trucks online since various websites only sell such accessories. It will also save you a lot of time and, if you are lucky, you can even get some good deals or seasonal offers. Money shouldn’t always be the criteria for choosing a product. It is always advisable to spend a much more to obtain an accessory of better quality than a lower one that does not last long. Make every penny you spend worthwhile, and there are certain products you can be guaranteed, so be sure to look for those options too.

Save Yourself A Headache With Quality Truck Accessories, truck bumpers

The most common problem with getting automotive accessories is not the availability of the products, often it is actually getting quality products at affordable prices. So save yourself a headache with quality truck accessories by using the following checklist:


First, try and find an authorized dealer of the desired accessories from the manufacturer. Most of the major manufacturers have authorized dealers and accessories suppliers in most locales; their local point guy. premium front bumper


Dealing with authorized dealers assures you of the quality and that you are buying genuine products as the tendency is for some to be knockoffs especially for parts and accessories. Knock-offs or subpar products will cost more you in the long run, they don’t last as long and may affect other parts or the function of the vehicle.




Secondly, you should deal with a prominent dealer or supplier this can be online or offline, but the bigger the better. A strong brand presence and a brand name is enough reason for them to want to give you good service or at the very least for you to associate them with satisfactory service. This makes it more likely that you will readily offer good referrals and hence bring more business to them. There is no better promotion than that of a satisfied client. black steel elite front bumper


A dissatisfied customer, on the other hand, spreading the word about poor service provision will likely cost them dearly, more than the product they sold. This is unsustainable and may cost them the business in the long run. This has become an acute concern more so with the advent of social media where news spreads fast, and an assiduously built brand can be tarnished with a viral case of bad service.




Thirdly one should always shop around and compare prices; it is always prudent to be aware of the price of gadgets and accessories to avoid getting overcharged even for genuine or good quality products. Knowing the price gives you leverage, and at times one can bargain down the price if you already know the average going price for the product or accessory you are trying to buy. vengeance front bumper




Another element of accessory purchase that is not as intuitive is to be consistent. Try and buy the same products or products for your vehicle from the same supplier once you have established a relationship. This has a number of benefits, one is that you may qualify for customer loyalty points. Second is that you can maintain the same level of service and quality and thirdly is that you can actually easily keep track of where you source your accessories.


Consistency in the long run and being a loyal customer may accrue benefits and at the very least a bargaining edge especially if it is a local business than if the case is you having no standard supplier. black steel front bumper

Ways to Customize Your Truck Exterior

Upgrading your truck exterior is one of the best ways to personalize your most prized possession. Custom upgrades can increase the overall value of your truck by preventing damage that would normally depreciate your vehicle over time. Upgrades can also come with useful features that can be used for work or off road activities. A look at some of the best ways to customize your exterior can offer great ideas to make the most of your rig. Black Steel Front Bumper

Custom Replacement Bumper
Custom replacement bumpers have a very important purpose. Because the standards for factory bumpers have relaxed in the past 30 years, many truck owners find factory bumpers flimsy in comparison with the past. In addition to being lower quality in terms of tastes, these bumpers no longer hold up well in the face of impact. A good replacement bumper can protect the front end of the truck in the case of impact, as well as prevent damage from road debris. Truck owners can also customize bumpers to come with pre runners, guards, or winch mounts. Winch Mount

Custom Grille Guard
Custom grille guards serve the same purpose as replacement bumpers without having to take off your entire factory bumper. Instead, a grille guard uses mounting brackets on your existing bumper and then cover up your grille area. Also known as brush guards, grille guards are designed to prevent damage from debris or impact. Custom means that you can typically get these in chrome, stainless steel, or a variety of textured finish. You can also decide whether you want punch plate, metal bars, or simple mesh. Black Steel Elite Front Bumper

Custom Headache Rack

Custom headache racks are an excellent way to make your truck exterior unique. Traditionally associated with contractors or off roaders, headache racks protect back glass of trucks during work or intense activities. There are notable varieties of this customization, including contractor headache racks, full louvered back racks, and open center back racks. You can get these with colored lights that assist with back up or seeing in harsh weather. Many manufacturers also make these racks in custom colors upon request. You can also choose the thickness of headache rack brackets to get the exact coverage you need. Customizing your truck exterior can be a great way to show off your personality and preserve the value of your vehicle in the long run. You can order ICI Magnum Bumpers for free shipping online and have them shipped to the location of your choice. Custom Boondock Bumpers and grille guards are also available in a variety of sizes. For those looking for Tough Country bumpers and headache racks, customization options can help you select different features so your truck will look like none other. Headache Rack

Steel Bumpers Ford Truck Bumpers

Truck bumpers play very important roles on vehicles such as shielding their front and rear sections against damage. Trucks are prone to physical damage upon hitting animals or other stationary objects and they can also collide with other vehicles. In such a scenario, this is when truck bumpers become handy since they protect vital components against damage. Thus, consumers can get information about bumper companies from different sites, thanks to the internet which facilitates online shopping. The consumers can also place orders with correct specifications about the required bumpers. Premium Front Bumper

Bumpers are made to specifications of the model of the car such as its size and these are also customized to suit the needs of customers. For instance, some customers require bumpers that are a combination of good appearance as well as strength and they can be customized to fulfill these needs. Stylish ford truck bumpers are usually meant for all weather trucks such as sport utility vehicles like the Ford vehicle. This can be used as an off roader and it can also be used as luxury vehicle. On the other hand, heavy duty bumpers are also made according to the size of the truck and serve the same purposes mentioned above. Vengeance Front Bumper

Above all, it is wise to put a bumper on your truck since many vehicles are manufactured without bumpers. The owner of the vehicle needs to look for a suitable bumper that would act as a shield against animals in particular. In case of an accident, a bumper will reduce the severe impacts of the collision such that extensive damage to the vehicle will not be witnessed. Front vehicle components such as lights, grill as well as radiator are protected by a bumper in case of unprecedented collision with other vehicles or animals. In other words, a bumper saves life as well as the vehicle. Vengeance Rear Bumper