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  • How Much Do Steel Bumpers Weigh?, steel bumpers A hard-core front & rear bumper, in addition-to a bumper, could weigh up-to 350-pounds. Usually, they would load one’s truck between 1/2 an inch & an inch, & you will view a big variance while driving. vengeance front bumper   Steel bumpers remain a vital […]

  • The Pros and Cons of Adding a Steel Bumper to Your Truck, steel bumpers Since the beginning of their inception, trucks have been built for heavy duty engagements. Today, trucks have continued to attract many enthusiasts who think truck and sleep truck. If you’re a truck enthusiast and own one, why not install tough accessories that will support your […]

  • Why Upgrade From the Factory Model to Steel Bumpers

    A lot of truck owners like to take the vehicle they have and make a few modifications. One of the most common adaptations is upgrading to a steel bumper. Factory bumpers aren’t as strong as steel bumpers and usually can’t accommodate attachments. So, if you’re looking to do anything […]