Why Upgrade From the Factory Model to Steel Bumpers

A lot of truck owners like to take the vehicle they have and make a few modifications. One of the most common adaptations is upgrading to a steel bumper. Factory bumpers aren’t as strong as steel bumpers and usually can’t accommodate attachments. So, if you’re looking to do anything more than city driving, a steel bumper is a better option. Steel is designed to last a lifetime and will keep its strength when dented. Black Steel Elite Front Bumpers


When buying a steel bumper you can either get one with pre-drilled holes for any accessories you may choose to add, or buy a bumper that already has features built in. Before choosing the right steel bumpers for your needs, think about what you’re using the truck for. 


Some popular features/attachments are:


Winches – are a good feature for even the casual off-roading excursion. They’re handy when you get stuck and need to get going again. Keep in mind that they need to be strong enough to take a lot of strain, especially in the front where damage is more likely. Winch Mount


Grille Guards – give you extra front end protection. This means that the guard will take the biggest blow of any impact that would otherwise damage your fender, grills and radiator. Elite Accesories


Push Bars – are a good feature if you expect to, or like to help people out in a jam. They make it possible to safely push an immobilized vehicle.


Protective Skid Plates – are important if you’ll be driving on really rough and bumpy terrain. They will protect from damage to the underside of your truck when it comes in contact with the ground.  Black Steel Accesories


Stinger Bars – are needed if you plan to do some really heavy-duty off-roading. They block the truck from flipping forward, especially when going down steep inclines.


Brush Guards– will protect your bumper, headlights and grilles when you’re in the bush. Wayward tree branches or road debris are no match for a good brush guard.